Official Websites of Regions and Provinces

Italy is divided into 20 Regions, each region is divided into Provinces.

In December 2005 the total provinces were 107; in the following years also Monza-Brianza in Lombardia, Fermo in Marche and Barletta-Andria-Trani in Apulia have become provinces. Some provinces have a great many communes, such as Torino that has 315, others are very small like Trieste with only 6. The list below provides links to the official websites of Italian regions and provinces as of year 2014.

In the following years Provinces are due to be dismantled as administrative units, as established by Law no.56 of April 7, 2014: provinces are to be converted into second level administrative bodies elected by limited suffrage, while other provinces have been turned into metropolitan cities: Bari, Bologna, Firenze, Genova, Milano, Napoli, Roma, Torino, Venezia, Reggio Calabria. However, Provinces will remain as geographical and historical entities.
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