Province of Rovigo, Region Veneto, Italy

Most of the territory included in the Province belongs to the area called Polesine, and includes the delta of the Po river.

The province of Rovigo is a logistic platform in Northern Italy, a key communication transit area between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, Italy and Eastern Europe. In the direction from north to south there is the motorway A/13 Venice to Bologna, and Verona is connected by the Transpolesana Highway.

Rovigo is also along the river waterways connecting to Mantova, Cremona, Milano, and its Interport integrates roads, waterways and railways transports, which is giving a great impulse to home and export markets.


Area: 1,790 km² -- Population:about 240,000 inhabitants in 2012 -- Zip/postal codes: 45+XXX -- Phone Area Codes: 0425, 0426 -- Car Plate: RO -- Communes: 50 communes -- Official website: www.provincia.rovigo.it -- According to an administrative reform from 1 Jan 2014, the Province is scheduled for suppression and fusion with the Province of Verona.

The Comuni in the province of Rovigo:

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province of Rovigo
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