Sant'Antioco, Sardegna, Italy

Province of Sud Sardegna
Sant'Antioco is a town in south-western Sardinia, in the Sulcis-Iglesiente area, on the island of Sant'Antioco. The municipality rises on the remains of Sulki, one of the most ancient centres in the western Mediterranean. On the island there is another smaller municipality Calasetta, where "Calasettano" is spoken, a variant of "Tabarchino" (a Ligurian language).
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  • Population: about 11,000 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 09017
  • Phone Area Code: 0781

What to see

  • Museo Etnografico "Su Magasinu 'e su Binu"


Sant'Antioco is situated on an island of the same name, which is the largest in the Sardinian islands and the fourth in Italy after Sicily, Sardinia and the Island of Elba. It is connected to the mother island thanks to an artificial isthmus and bridge built in the early 1980s. Sant'Antioco rises on the ruins of the ancient Phoenician-Punic and later Roman town of Sulky-Sulci.