Province of Ogliastra, Sardegna (Sardinia) Region, Italy

The Province of Ogliastra is the least populated in Italy, with the largest centers being Tortolì, Lanusei, Barisardo, Baunei.

The name derives from the number of thousand-year-old olive trees in the area of Santa Maria Navarrese. The territory is mostly mountainous, and there are the two lakes formed by the Flumendosa stream.

The province was recently re-established in May 2005; it was one of the historical 15 Prefetture established in Sardinia, with capital Tortolì, though in 1821 the capital was moved to Lanusei. With the unity of Italy in 1859 the region was divided in only two provinces (Cagliari and Sassari) and Ogliastra was included in the province of Cagliari, to be included again in 1927 into the newly established province of Nuoro.


Area: 1,854 km² -- Population: about 58,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal codes: -- Phone Area Codes: 0782 -- Car Plate: OG -- Communes: 23 communes

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The Comuni in the Province of Ogliastra

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Province of Ogliastra
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