Galatina, Province of Lecce, Puglia, Italy

This fascinating center in Salento, midway between the Ionian and Adriatic Sea, is a rich wine-producing area, and has an ancient history going back to the earliest Greek colonization of this area of Italy.


Altitude: 78 m a.s.l -- Population: about 27,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 73013 -- Phone Area Code: 0836 -- Patron Saint: Saints Peter and Paul celebrated on 29 June -- Frazioni & Località: Noha, Collemeto, Santa Barbara -- Official Website: http://www.comune.galatina.le.it/
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The foundation of the town goes back to Greek times, and as shown by the little owl still represented in the coat-of-arms, a bird sacred to goddess Minerva, who was especially worshipped in thie area of Magna Graecia, called Japigia. The town maintained Greek traditions, religious rites and dialect until very recent centuries.

The name is recorded for the first time in a manuscript of 1188, where the name of "St. Peter in Galatina" is mentioned; actually, an undocumented tradition tells of the evangelisation of the local people made by St Peter on his journey from Anthiochia to Rome, after which the name was for many centuries "San Pietro in Galatina", and was changed back to the Hellenic original only in 1861.

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