Rodi Garganico, Province of Foggia, Puglia, Italy

This small seaside town on the Manfredonia Gulf is built white rocks, surrounded by a Mediterranean vegetation of orange and olive trees.

It was an ancient fishing center, both in the sea and in the nearby Lake Varano, joined to the sea through the Varano and Capoiale rivers. Thanks to the breathtaking beauty of the landscape, and the long, fine beaches, it is today a much sought-after tourist destination in summer.


rodi garganico Altitude: 50 a.s.l -- Population: ca. 3,800 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 71012 -- Phone Area Code: 0884 -- Patron Saint: SS. Madonna della Libera celebrated on 2 July -- Frazioni & Localities: Lido del Sole


It was founded by the Cretans as a stopping place along the route to Rhodes, and the Rhodians took it over in the 8th century BC, giving the place their name. Under the Romans it was called Uria, then in the Middle Ages was surrounded by walls with towers, and was ruled by the De Riccardiis, Carafa, Caracciolo, Spinelli, Brancia and Sanfelice families. It was for centuries a busy trading port with Dalmatia, the Middle East and the other Mediterranean countries.

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