Carpino, Province of Foggia, Puglia, Italy

Located on a hill along the Gargano coast covered with tended olive trees, Carpino is known as the "Città dell’olio" (City of Oil) because of its rich production of quality olive oil.

The town is also renowned for its traditional popular music of Gargano, whose heritage is maintained by the group called "Cantori di Carpino". The town is included in the Gargano National Park.
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Altitude: mt 147 a.s.l -- Population: ca. 4000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 71010 -- Phone Area Code: 0884


The name derives from the ancient Caprelis, connected to the breed raising of goats and roebucks in antiquity. A legend says that the place was founded by the refugees of Uria, which was submerged by the Varano Lake. It is however first mentioned in historical records in 1158 as castrum caprelis, in a bull of pope Adrian IV, with which the abbey of Monte Sacro obtained privileges on the church of St. Peter e St. Mary near the "castellum capralis", a location identifiable as the municipality, as subsequently confirmed from historical documents.

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