San Pietro Vernotico, Province of Brindisi, Puglia, Italy

Situated in the heart of Salento not too far away from the province capital Brindisi, it is a center of history and traditions, as well as great cuisine, among them the exquisite "pittule", soft pancakes traditionally prepared on 8 December for the celebrations of the Immacolata.
San Pietro Vernotico coatofarms


Altitude: 38 a.s.l -- Population: ca. 15,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code:72027 -- Phone Area Code: 0831 -- Patron Saint: Saints Peter and Paul celebrated on 29 June


The town rose in the 9th century AD around the basilian monastery dedicated to St Peter, in an area which was called Vernotico (meaning "winterly"). The most famous event in its history took place in 1480: the Turkish army led by Akmet Pasha was aiming at the conquest of the town, but they were sighted from the Tower, the alarm was given and the inhabitants defeated the Turks also capturing their flag, which was consecrated to Saint Peter.

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