Nordic Combined, XX Winter Olympic Games Torino 2006

The Nordic combined is a winter sport in which competitors involve in both cross-country skiing and ski jumping.


Nordic Combined at the 2006 Winter Olympics will be held in the town of Pragelato, Italy from February 11 to February 21. The cross-country events will be held at Pragelato Plan, in the Valle Chisone, between Pattemouche and Granges, at an altitude between 1530 and 1620 m, while the jump events will be held in the area along the right side of the Chisone stream, opposite the hamlet of Rivets.


Norwegian soldiers have been competing in nordic skiing since the 18th century, but the first competition in nordic combined was held in Oslo at the first Holmenkollen Ski Festival in 1892. In Norway the popularity of the Nordic combined has always been great.

The sport was included at the 1924 Winter Olympics, in the town of Chamonix and has been on the programme ever since. World Championships have been held since 1925. In 1998 a team competition was added to the Nordic Combined calendar.

Traditionally, Norway has always delivered top athletes in the sport, but Finland, Germany, Austria and Japan are also among the top nations in the speciality.


    The equipment used for this discipline is the same as that used in the individual specialties and also training time must be divided between the two of cross-country and ski-jumping.


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