Arona, Province of Novara, Piedmont, Italy

This fine tourist resort 38 km from Novara, along the south-western banks of Lake Maggiore, the town has a splendid lakefront, starting from the Piazza del Popolo; from Arona, which is the southernmost port on Lake Maggiore it is possible to travel by boat or hydrofoil to other ports on the lake, and also on the Swiss bank.


Altitude: 212 m a.s.l -- Surface area: sq km -- Population: ca. 14,000 inhabitants -- Population density: inhabitants per sq km -- Zip/postal code: 28041 -- Phone Area Code: 0322 -- Patron Saint: San Graziano celebrated on 13 March -- Frazioni & Località: Dagnente, Mercurago, Montrigiasco, Campagna -- GPS Coordinates: -- Useful Links: official website of the >Comune of Arona

What to see

Province of Novara


Archaeological findings in Lagoni near Mercurago document the existence of a population living on palafict huts already in the 18th century BC. In later centuries the area was colonized by Celts, Roman and Lombards. In 1162 during the war of the Lombard League against Frederick Barbarossa Arona hosted many refugees. It was a fiefdom of the Torriani family, then passed in 1277 to the Visconti and in 1439 to the Borromeo family.


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