Govone, Province of Cuneo, Piedmont, Italy

Fine medieval borough near the Langhe Hills, situated in a strategic position over the Tanaro valley, halfway between Asti and Alba, the village is famous for its castle, where in 1730 Jean-Jacques Rousseau resided for a time, and for a fine flower festival in spring. The surrounding landscape is mostly covered with vineyards, fruit trees and small woods, and offers pleasant itineraries into the countryside.


Altitude: 300 m a.s.l -- Population: ca. 2000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 12040 -- Phone Area Code: 0173 -- Patron Saint: celebrated on San Giovanni Decollato celebrated on 28 August -- Frazioni & Località: Craviano -- GPS Coordinates: -- Useful Links: official website of the Comune of Govone


Thanks to its position at the crossroads of trade routes since Roman times, Govone always had a strategic importance for the rulers of southern Piedmont. In the 10th century AD it was a fiefdom of the Solaro family of Asti until 1792, when it became a Savoy possession after the male Solaro line became extinct.

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