Santa Maria del Molise, Province of Isernia, Molise, Italy

The municipality consists of two very different centers: Santa Maria, at 632 meters above sea level, mostly covered with vineyards, and originally a Samnite and later a Roman settlement and Sant'Angelo in Grotte on a mountain at 980 m. a.s.l., surrounded by forests and dependent for its economy on pastures and livestock, which rose in the Middle Ages.


Altitude: 632 m a.s.l -- Territory: mountainous -- Population: ca. 800 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 86090 -- Phone Area Code: 0865
Patron Saints: SS. Maria Filippo and Giacomo -- Frazioni & Località: Cagnacci, Pagliarelle, Sant'Angelo in Grotte, Pizzillitti


Probably the Samnite and Romans settled in the more fertile plain. Later on, when the danger of invasions increased, the inhabitants moved to a higher position on the hill of Sant'Angelo in Grotte. In the 12th century a fiefdom of the Santangelo, it passed then to the Caldora and Di Sangro. In the 20th century then the municipality was moved from Sant'Angelo to Santa Maria, down in the plain.

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