San Pietro Avellana, Province of Isernia, Molise, Italy

The small town rises on the Celano-Foggia tratturo, on the border with the Abruzzo region, just below Monte Capraro (1730 mt.) surrounded by forests of beech and oak trees and two fine pinewoods, which make it a truly great tourist destination in the summer.


Altitude: 960 m a.s.l -- Territory: mountainous -- Population: ca. 650 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 86088 -- Phone Area Code: 0865 -- Patron Saint: Sant'Amico -- Frazioni & Località: Scalo, Masserie di Cristo


The name comes from an ancient benedictine monastery dedicated to San Pietro, around which the population gathered and established a settlement, later called "Avellana" since on the site there was in the past Volana, an ancient Samnite town destroyed by Roman consul Suprius Carvilius.

The town was a Benedictine fiefdom from 1027 to 1785, and religion was a really great inlfuence in the character of the population. The economy was flourishing for centuries under the transhumance system, since the area was both a transit post and a place of summer pastures. With the crisis of the pastoral economy, a massive emigration began especially to the States, with main destination Pittsburgh.

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