Rionero Sannitico, Province of Isernia, Molise

Province of Isernia
The name was probably derived from the small stram called "Rio" that flows into the Volturno. In 1863 the word "Sannitico" was added to distinguish it from "Rionero in Vultore" (Basilicata region).

Provinces of Molise


  • Altitude: 1051 m a.s.l
  • Territory: mountainous
  • Population: about 1100 inhabitants in 2018
  • Zip/postal code: 86087
  • Phone Area Code: 0865
  • Patron Saint: San Mariano, 30 april
  • Frazioni & Localities: Casabona, Castiglione, Collefava, Le Canala, Le Martine, Le Vigne, Montalto, Predalve, San Mariano, Vernali, Vigne.

What to see

  • The church of San Bartolomeo Apostolo.


  • June: Feast of Santissima Trinità
  • September: Festival of "patana nustrana".


The center rose on the ancient tratturo connecting Castel di Sangro and Lucera, where the monastery of San Vincenzo al Volturno established a colony of farmers before the year 1000. The first feudal lords when the Benedictine Abbey went into decadence were the Carafa in the 14th century, then it became a possession of the Di Sangro family, to pass again later to the Carafa.

Following the crisis of the sheep-raising economy, there was a massive emigration from Rionero, first towards Argentina, then in the 1920's to the USA ad Canada, and after WW2 to Europe, especially Switzerland, Rome and Northern Italy.