Belmonte del Sannio, Province of Isernia, Molise

Province of Isernia
Rising on a picturesque hill, the town belonged until 1812 to the Province of Chieti.
A beautiful festival, the "sagra del granone" takes place in September.

Provinces of Molise


  • Altitude: 864 m a.s.l
  • Territory: mountainous
  • Population: about 900 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 86080
  • Phone Area Code: 0865
  • Patron Saint: Sant'Anacleto, 8 May
  • Frazioni & Localities: Castellana, Difesa, Santa Maria La Noce, Difesa Cordari, Serra Carpini.

What to see

  • The "torre Longobarda" of the 11th century
  • The Palazzo dei Caracciolo
  • The church of San Salvatore (17th century).


The earliest settlement followed most probably the destruction of Samnite Aquilonia by the Romans in 293 BC. A document of 1027 mentions the foundation here by the count of Monteodorisio of the Abbey of Santa Maria della Noce, which was one of the greatest Benedictine abbeys of Southern Italy. The abbey then disappeared in a ruinous landslide and nothing remains.

Belmonte was included in the Terra Burrellensis under the Normans and Angevins, and was later ruled by the Cantelmo, Filangieri, Di Sangro, Caldora and Caracciolo.