Provvidenti, Province of Campobasso, Molise

Province of Campobasso
An ancient tradition says that Provvidenti was in Samnite times (before the 3rd century BC) the wheat supplier of the ancient city of the Frentani called Gerione, destroyed by Hannibal during the Second Punic War.

Provinces of Molise


  • Altitude: 575 m a.s.l
  • Territory: hilly
  • Population: about 170 inhabitants
  • Zip/postal code: 86040
  • Phone Area Code: 0874
  • Patron Saint: San Nicola on 6 December.


Historical information record the existence of the municipality in the 12th century; in the early 16th century it was a possession of the Di Capua family, then in 1555 passed to the D'Ajerbo, followed by the Cavaniglia family until the 17th century, ehrn the fiefdom passed to the Di Sangro, who kept it until feudalism was abolished.

What to see

  • Church of Santa Maria Assunta restored in 1734, was built during the 14th century according to a date carved in the bell-tower.