Poggio San Vicino, Province of Macerata, Marche region, Italy

A small mountain commune taking its name from the San Vicino mountain.


Altitude: 509 m a.s.l -- Population: ca. 300 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 62021 -- Phone Area Code: 0733 -- Patron Saint: Santa Caterina da Siena celebrated on 30th April -- "Frazioni" & Localities: Cordivino, Serronchia -- GPS Coordinates: 43.3761 N, 13.08 E -- Useful Links: official website of the Comune of Poggio San Vicino | a map of Poggio San Vicino


Existing in Roman times with the name of Podium Tufficanum, it was called Ficano con until 1929. in the Middle Ages it was under the control of the Abbey of Val Castro, and in 1346 passed under the Smeducci lordship. It was included in the jurisdiction of the commune of San Severino until the annexation to the Kingdom of Italy in 1860, when it became an independent municipality.

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province of Macerata
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