Monte San Martino, Province of Macerata, Marche region, Italy

Situated on a rocky cliff, in the Monti Azzurri area, about 30 km south of the province capital Macerata.


Altitude: 603 m a.s.l -- Population: ca. 800 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 62020 -- Phone Area Code: 0733 -- Patron Saint: San Martino celebrated on 11th November -- "Frazioni" & Localities: Anselmi, Bivio Gallo, Diletti, Molino, Piane, San Venanzo -- GPS Coordinates: 43°2'N - 13°26'E -- Useful Links: official website of the Comune of Monte San Martino | a map of Monte San Martino


In the vicinity there was an ancient Roman settlement along the Via Faleria; in the 10th century AD the monastery of Santa Caterina was founded, possibly at the time of the Frankish occupation, which would eplain also the name of San martino given to the place, from St. martin the bishop of the French town of Tours. In 1240 it became a free commune.

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province of Macerata
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