Montefiascone, Province of Viterbo, Lazio Region, Italy

Montefiascone is situated 15 km from Viterbo, along the Via Cassia leading from Rome to Siena, and then to the north of Italy and the rest of Europe - an itinerary known as the Francigena route

From its position on a high hill along the border of a volcanic basin that formed Lake Bolsena, the town offers a breathless view from the Thyrrhenian Sea to the Cimini mountains, the town is surrounded by vineyards producing the celebrated "Est!Est!!Est!!!" Moscatello wine.


Altitude: 590 m a.s.l -- Population: about 13,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 01027 -- Phone Area Code: 0761 -- Patron Saint: St. Margaret of Antiochia celebrated on 20th July -- Frazioni & Località: Le Cosse, Le Grazie, Le Mosse, Zepponami

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The name of the city derives from the Falisci, an ancient population that probably had a citadel here. It was later under the Etruscans who according to the legends had here a temple, Fanum Voltumnae, a spiritual centre where the chiefs of the Dodecapolis (the twelve main Etruscan towns) met for their reunions. The name Montefiascone is mentioned in 853 AD, as a possession of the bishop of Tuscania.

The periods of highest splendour were the 13th and 14th centuries, when the castle was often a residence of Popes, and in the Avignon period it was the residence of the Pope representative in Italy, Cardinal Albornoz. A slow decline began afterwards, and the situation worsened after the 1657 plague and an earthquake some decades later in 1697. In 1870 also Montefiascone, as the whole Church of the State with the exception of Vatican City, was united to the Kingdom of Italy.

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