Furore, Province of Salerno, Campania, Italy

Located in a spectacular position on a strip of land sloping down to the sea from a height of 650 mt, around a Fjord which is among the most astounding views of the Amalfi Coast, crossed by a suspended bridge 160 mt high, where each year a World Diving Competition is held.

Italian writer Alfonso Gatto was so impressed by the beauty of the place that with a paraphrase from the nowhere island of J.M Barrie called it "il paese che non c'è" (the nowhere village). This minute fishing borough had among its inhabitants director Roberto Rossellini and actress Anna Magnani. Altogether, Furore is an impressive example of a location priviliged by nature and made still more beautiful by human activity.


Population: ca. 800 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 84010 -- Phone Area Code: 089 -- patron Saint: San Pasquale Baylon celebrated on 17th May -- Frazioni & Località: Sant'Elia or Contrada della Cicala, Sant'Agnelo or Contrada della Gatta, Santo Jaco or Contrada del Ciuccio -- Map: see a Map of Furore

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Province of Salerno


The ethymology of the name probably points to the wild sea storms that strike the fjord and area. A tradition says that the early settlers were exiles from the Republic of Amalfi, punished to live in a place which was deemed to be highly inhospitable. The fjord became a natural port, allowing the growth of a fishing economy, which was accompanied by a small-scale, high-quality agriculture based on vegetables, olive trees, citrus fruit, and wild native herbs from which oils and ointments were made. More recently, a large number of houses and villas have been turned into lodgings for tourists.

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