Ascea, Province of Salerno, Campania, Italy

The small town of Ascea rises on a hill divided by a fjord from the commune of Pisciotta; 4 km away, along the coast, is the frazione of Marina di Ascea, a fine seaside resort with a Blue Flag award, full of tourist villages and hotels. Part of the territory is included in the National Park Cilento - Valle di Diano.


Altitude: 225 a.s.l -- Population: ca. 5500 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 84046 -- Phone Area Code: 0974 -- Patron Saint: San Nicola celebrated on 6th December; at Marina di Ascea the Madonna di Portosalvo, celebrated every 27th August -- Frazioni & Località: Baronia, Catona, Mandia, Marina di Ascea, Salice, Stampella, Terradura, Velia -- Official Website: http://www.comune.ascea.na.it/ -- Map: see a Map of Ascea


Greek historian Strabo spoke about Elea in his book Geografia (VI, 252), stating it was founded by refugees from the town of Phocaea in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) which in 545 BC was sieged by the Persians. The name of the new settlement was in the founders' language Hyele, and the initial aspirated consonant changed to "v" (a letter the Greeks did not have) which explains the double name of Elea for the Greeks and Velia for the local people. The pre-Socratic philosophical school called Eleatic rose in this town.

The town, with the name of Velia, was included in the Roman republic in 273 BC, as part of the Lucania province. Another importat historical event was the appointment of general Bartolomeo Alfredo dei Borboni nicknamed Terradura as marquis of the area in 1703; the marquis built a fortress, and kept a remarkable army, which in 1860 sided with Garibaldi fighting for the unity of Italy.

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