Piano di Sorrento, Province of Napoli, Campania, Italy

Situated along the beautiful Sorrento coast, about 25 km south of Naples, the commune occupies the central part of the Sorrento peninsula, which divides the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Amalfi.

The territory rich in waters and the fertility of the soil give a wealth of agricultural products - olive oils, winegrapes, fruit - accompanied by fishing and today by tourist resources.


-- Population: about 13,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 80063 -- Phone Area Code: 081 -- Patron Saint: San Michele Arcangelo celebrated on 29 settembre -- Frazioni & Località: Cassano, Mortora, Trinità, Colli San Pietro


Archeological findings have revealed settlements in the area going back to the late neolithic period and early bronze age (about 2800 BC), followed by Etruscan and Greek colonization, creating a special mix of cultures typical of the Sorrento peninsula. Piano was united to Sorrento until 1808, when it became an autonomous commune. The hamlet of Marina di Cassano was especially important as a shipyard for the construction of sailboats.

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