Potenza, Province of Potenza, Basilicata, Italy

The town of Potenza, the highest provincial capital above sea level in Italy, is built between two valleys.

The town was mostly rebuilt after an earthquake in 1857. Thus the earthquakes and the severe damage caused during World war II have lost the town many of its historical buildings. Consequently the overall impression is one of a modern city.


Altitude: 825 m a.s.l. -- Population: ca. 68,000 inhabitants in 2011 -- Zip/postal code: 85100 -- Phone Area Code: 0971 -- patron Saint: St. Gerardo from Potenza celebrated on May 30th -- Administrative divisions (19 quarters): Betlemme, Bucaletto, CEP, Cocuzzo - Serpentone, Francioso, Gallitello, Libertà, Lucania, Macchia Giocoli, Macchia Romana, Malvaccaro, Mancusi, Murate, Pagliarelle, Parco Aurora, Europa Unita (ex Poggio Tre Galli), Rossellino, San Rocco, Santa Maria, Santa Croce, Zona Industriale

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Province of Potenza
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