Lavello, Province of Potenza, Basilicata, Italy

The small town extends along a rocky headland which overlooks the central valley of the Ofanto river and is an agricultural and farming centre famous for the work done by its artisans in hammered copper and wrought iron.


-- Population: ca. 13,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 85024 -- Phone Area Code: 0972

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Province of Potenza


Its name derives from labellum, the Latin word for a drinking-trough, because here sheep on their way to Apulia stopped to drink. On the opposite hill there was the ancient center of Forentum, while Lavello was built in the Middle Ages also as a resting spot and standpoint along the transhumance route from the mountains of Basilicata to the Tavoliere plain in Apulia.

The territory of Lavello was dominated by large land-owners, and that is why in 1799 the poor peasants sided with the French establishing a republican regime, and again in 1861 welcomed the Crocco band of brigands. Since the late 19th century farm-laborers then took the way of emigration to America and the Italian north.

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