Acerenza, Province of Potenza, Basilicata, Italy

The town rises on a rocky tufa spur overlooking the upper valley of the Bradano river, and is one of the most ancient in Basilicata. It is included among the 100 most beautiful Italian boroughs.


Altitude: 833 m a.s.l
Population: ca. 3000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 85011 -- Phone Area Code: 0971


This is the site of the ancient town of Acheruntia, which was the region's capital for several hundreds of years. It was strategically located at the junction of important Roman roads: the via Appia, the Appia-Traiana and the via Erculea leading to the Ionain coast.

It was founded by the ancient inhabitants of the territory, the Osci, who called it Akere, later changed into Acheruntia. It was a Roman municipium and praefectura, a gastaldat under the Lombards and an important castle throughout the Middle Ages, and from 1059 to 1977 was the Bishopry seat for Basilicata and for centuries also hosted a Seminar. Its diocesis was founded according to some sources by the Saint Peter himself.

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