C.A.P. (Zip Codes) for Roma, addresses starting with K

The city of Roma is divided into "zone postali", that is the Italian Zip Code, or C.A.P. (Codice Avviamento Postale), changes according to street and sometimes number as well. The alphabetical list here provided gives the three basic details necessary to write a correct normalized Italian mailing address:
[CAP - locality - province abbreviation]
address format
In this page find the CAP (Zip code) for addresses in the Comune of Roma starting for K (excluding the words Via, Viale, Strada, Piazza, Via del, and likewise).
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  • 00143 Kafka (Via)
  • 00156 Kant (Viale)
  • 00144 Kariba (Via)
  • 00144 Keats John (Via)
  • 00144 Kemal Ataturk Mustafa (Largo)
  • 00144 Kenia (Via)
  • 00144 Kennedy John Fitzgerald (Piazza)
  • 00142 Keplero Giovanni (Via)
  • 00197 Kircher Atanasio (Via)
  • 00133 Klee (Via)
  • 00153 Klitsche Antonietta (Via)
  • 00143 Kobler Giovanni (Via)
  • 00128 Koch Gaetano (Via)
  • 00138 Kolbe Beato Massimiliano (Via)
  • 00149 Kossuth Luigi (Via)
  • 00143 Krekich Natale (Via)
  • 00164 Kuliscioff Anna (Viale)