Province of Palermo, Sicilia (Sicily) Region, Italy

The Province of Palermo lies in a strategic position on the Thyrrhenian Sea, in the northern middle of Sicily.

The Comuni in the Province of Palermo

The Territory

The province includes a high fertile plain called Conca d'Oro, and a long coast with the two large gulfs of Palermo and Termini Imerese, separated by the Monte Pellegrino and Capo Zafferano.

Also administratively included in the province of Palermo is the island of Ustica, now a marine sanctuary, rising exactly in the middle of the current coming from the Atlantic, which highly enhances the clarity of the sea bottoms and helps the growth of a luxurian submarine life.

Along with agriculture, the economy relies also on tourism, favored by the beautiful landscapes and the wealth of historical and cultural heritage of the territory.

Province of Palermo


Area: 4992 km² -- Population: about 1,200,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal codes: -- Phone Area Codes: -- Car Plate: PA -- Communes: 82 communes

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