Domodossola, Province of Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, Piedmont, Italy

Domodossola is situated in the Vigezzo valley, at the junction of the Bogna and Toce Rivers at the foot of the Italian Alps, and acts as a minor passenger-rail hub. Its strategic location accommodates Swiss rail passengers, acting as an international stop-point between Locarno (a Swiss city of Italian language) and Brig (a Swiss city of German language) through the Simplon Pass.


Altitude: m a.s.l -- Surface area: sq km -- Population: ca. 18,500 inhabitants -- Population density: inhabitants per sq km -- Zip/postal code: 28845 -- Phone Area Code: 0324 -- Patron Saint: celebrated on -- Frazioni & Località: -- GPS Coordinates: -- Useful Links: official website of the >Comune of Domodossola


Earlier known as Oscela, Oscella, Oscella dei Leponzi, Ossolo, Ossola Lepontiorum, and Domo d'Ossola (because it is in the Ossola valley), was the chief town of the Lepontii when the Roman Empire conquered the region in 12 BC.
During the second World War Domodossola was part of an uprising against the Germans, whereby the valley of Ossola declared itself a republic and broke away from Facist Italy. The rebellion was crushed by German troops within a few months, but was an important symbol for anti-fascist movements within Italy until the end of the war.

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Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola
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