Prali, Province of Torino, Piedmont, Italy

The small town is situated at the edge of the Val Germanasca, in a large valley crossed by the Envie river. It is a typical alpine environment of small hamlets, with great natural sites and good tourist facilities.

Prali is a ski resort for cross country and downhill skiing with an abundance of different tracks. In summer time it is possible to go walking and trekking in the Valley of the Mines and in the valley of the Thirteen Lakes, famous for its crystalline waters.


Altitude: 1.454 m a.s.l -- Population: about 300 inhabitants
Zip code: 10060 -- Phone Area Code: 0121 -- Frazioni & Localities: Campo del Clot, Cugno, Ghigo - where the townhall is situated, Indritti, Malzat, Orgiere, Pomieri, Ribba, Rodoretto, Villa

What to see



This village was called Praly until 1937, from the dialect word "pral" (meadows), because of its green fields. Its history is strictly related to the Waldese people that lived around this area and that left many traces of their culture. The territory was also very important for talc mines of Sapatlé, Envie, Malzas, some of which are presently open to visitors.

Province of Torino
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