Alessandria, Province of Alessandria, Piedmont, Italy

Located in the southern Piedmont, at the confluence of the rivers Bormida and Tanaro about 90 km southeast of the regional capital Turin, Alessandria is the second city of Piedmont.

The city is characterized by straight roads and beautiful squares, including the vast central square, and is famous for the manufacture of hats, including the world renowned company Borsalino.


Altitude: 95 m a.s.l -- Surface area: 204 sq km -- Population: ca. 90,000 inhabitants -- Population density: inhabitants per sq km -- Zip/postal code: 15100 -- Phone Area Code: 0131 -- Patron Saint: San Baudolino celebrated on 10 November -- Frazioni & Localities: Spinetta Marengo, Castelceriolo, Lobbi, San Giuliano Nuovo, San Giuliano Vecchio, Mandrogne, Cascinagrossa, Litta Parodi, Valle San Bartolomeo, San Michele -- GPS Coordinates: 44°55'N, 08°37'E

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It was founded and named by Pope Alexander III, protector of the Lombard League in the year 1168. It was a fortified town, and became the strategic center of the League.

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Province of Alessandria
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