Cantalupo nel Sannio, Province of Isernia, Molise, Italy

This small centre rises amid green, forested hills against the beautiful background of the Matese group.


Territory: mountainous -- Population: ca. 700 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 86092 -- Phone Area Code: 0865 -- Frazioni & Località: Taverna, Aia Franca, Cese, Colle Manieri, Colle Piano, Fragnete, Le Coste, Santa Lucia, Tratturo


Cantalupo was founded by the Normans and had a number of different feudal Lords. Historians report a bloody battle over boundaries with nearby San Massimo in 1525, during which baron Federico De Bastaris was killed. Other historians report the presence of a spring of "petroleum oil" which disappeared in the ruinous 1805 earthquake.

Astronomer Leopoldo Del Re was born here in the early 19th century. In just one hundred years the population passed from 3000 to the present 700 because of a massive emigration, first to the USA, later to Canada, where over 1,500 emigrants established the "S. Anna di Cantalupo" club.

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Province of Isernia
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