San Massimo, Province of Campobasso, Molise, Italy

In the heart of the Matese mountains, just below the summit of Monte Miletto (2050 m.) and the plateau of Campitello (m. 1450) one of the southernmost skiing resorts in Italy, San Massimo rises all around a massive fortress.


Altitude: 696 m a.s.l -- Territory: mountainous -- Population: ca. 700 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 86027 -- Phone Area Code: 0874 -- Frazioni & Località: Campitello, Vicende, Canonica, Cerreto Sant'Angelo, Grondari, San Felice


The name, first recorded in a document of 1113, most probably comes from an ancient church to San Massimo, the first bishop of Nola in the 3rd century AD. Among the many feudal Lords that ruled over the settlement there were the Gaetani, De Gennaro and Morra. The two terrible earthquakes in 1456 and 1805 completely destroyed the little town.

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Province of Campobasso
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