Montagano, Province of Campobasso, Molise, Italy

The village is all built in white stone, and the fields around are neat and intensively farmed.

Tradition is that parish priest Damiano Petrone (1659-1710) after confessing the peasants gave them as penance to plant trees and vines, and also offered them money to buy tools. Montagano rises on one side of the Biferno river, where once was ancient Fagifulae, a Samnite town which in the 4th century B.C. sided with Hannibal against Rome, and later became a Roman "municipium".


Altitude: 800 m a.s.l -- Territory: mountainous -- Population: ca. 1200 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 86023 -- Phone Area Code: 0874 -- Patron Saint: S. Alessandro on 9-10 July -- Frazioni & Località: Contrada Cirasiello, Contrada Portone, Contrada Ingotte, Sant'Antonio, Fonte Moschitto, Fonte Casella

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