Castellino del Biferno, Province of Campobasso, Molise, Italy

This picturesque little town, with the fine portals in stone carved by its artisans, rises on a tuff rock surrounded by olive trees, amid the valleys of the Rio Maio and Biferno river.


Territory: hills Altitude: 453 m. a.s.l. -- Population: ca. 700 inhabitants -- Zip/postal code: 86020 -- Phone Area Code: 0874 -- Frazioni & Località: Castellino Nuovo


The name was in 1011 "Castrum Edolini", then in 1640 appears as "Castellino del Lino" to finally change into Castellino. Withthe unity of Italy in 1861 the words "del Biferno" were added to distinguish it from other "Castellino" in Italy. The first documents mention the place in the Norman period (11th century) as part of the Dukedom of Montagano. The fiefdom was under a great number of lords in the course of the centuries, among them the De Cusenza, Luparia, D'Evoli and Di Capua.

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Province of Campobasso
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