Province of Frosinone, Lazio Region, Italy

The Province of Frosinone was established by Royal Decree on 6 December 1926 with territories belonging to Lazio and Campania.

Province of Frosinone

At the same time the Province of Latina (originary called Littoria) was also established. The Campania areas were the left valley of the Liri-Garigliano river, the district of Sora, the Comino valley, the district of Cassino, the Gulf of Formia and Gaeta, the Pontine isles, which until then had been for centuries included in the Province called Terra di Lavoro, of the Kingdom of Naples (or of the Two Sicilies).


Area: 3,244 km² -- Population: about 480,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal codes: 03010-03100 -- Phone Area Codes: 0775 -- Car Plate: FR -- Communes: 91 communes -- Official website: http://www.provincia.fr.it/ -- According to an administrative reform from 1 Jan 2014, the Province is scheduled for fusion with the Province of Latina.

The Comuni in the Province of Frosinone


The territory of the Province has not a consistent cultural or historical unity, since the areas previously included in the State of the Church were always "satellites", so to say, of the city of Rome, while the Southern areas had, geografically and historically, deep connections to Abruzzo, Molise and Campania.

Civil Records

In the field of genealogy research, for the areas previously belonging to the state of the church no Civil Records were kept until well after the annexation to the kingdom of Italy, whereas for the areas included in the Terra di Lavoro of the Kingdom of Naples the Books of Civil Records from 1809 to 1865 are kept in the original province archive of Caserta (= the old Terra di Lavoro) while the records from 1866 to 1900 are kept in the Provincial Archive of Frosinone.

Civil Records in the Archive of Frosinone

Accommodation in the Province of Frosinone

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