Province of Piacenza, Region Emilia Romagna, Italy

The territory includes the plain south of the Po river, and the Appennine mountains to the west along the border with Liguria. In the late Middle Ages, with Parma, it was one of the many independent Italian States, the "Duchy of Parma and Piacenza", for a long time under the Farnese. In the 1950's the area underwent a remarkable industrial development, thatns also to oil wells found at Cortemaggiore, which became the symbol of the newborn Italian petrol industry (the 6-legged dog).

province of Piacenza


Area: 2,589 km² -- Population: about 270,000 inhabitants -- Zip/postal codes: 29010, 29020, 29100 -- Phone Area Codes: 0523 -- Car Plate: PC -- Communes: 48 communes -- Official website: www.provincia.piacenza.it -- According to an administrative reform from 1 Jan 2014, the Province is scheduled for suppression and fusion with the Province of Parma.

The Comuni in the province of Piacenza


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